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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What a difference a year makes.....

Let's see.....this time last was starting, we were living in a hotel crossing our fingers every day that our apartment would soon be finished, and trying to track down our shipment from the US. The little one started at a local preschool and big sister in grade 2 at AES. She was sure she would need me close by so I spent the first two days wandering around the school campus. Don't get me wrong, it is one of the most beautiful school campuses I have ever seen, but there is only so much to do. Especially, when you are a new parent and know, if I remember correctly, one other parent. At pick up time, little one was usually sleeping and I would stand off to the side watching all the other moms and dads catch up. Hearing, "How are you? How was your summer? It's so great to see you." It actually made me a little sad and lonely. Thankfully, we have been through this, and I kept telling myself that this too will pass. Even though my head knew this, it still is never easy being the "new kid."
Fast forward a year and she doesn't even look back when heading for the gate on day #1. The little one was telling me, "It's OK mama. We can do this without you."
We go through the gate and check out the class lists and actually recognize multiple names in each of the girls' classes. I look up to see friends I haven't seen all summer. Sigh of relief. I am no longer the new kid. I now belong. That seems petty and elementary schoolish but was actually how it felt. We knew where we were going and even stopped to help some of those lost looking newbies who still have "V" for visitor badges. (Sidenote: getting rid of the "V" badge and getting the real one with your photo is another huge step.) I even helped give tours of the campus to new parents this summer and somehow got roped into being a room mom before classes even started. Hmm...maybe it is time to not belong quite so much??


  1. oh Gwen ... you were room mother before school even started? LOVE IT!

    How did FRRO go today?

  2. I met the EC4 teacher during the tours. Somehow it came up that I would be around most afternoons and mom I am :)

  3. Know exactly what you're talking about "the new kid". It's not trivial, but emotional (at times). But glad things have changed for you. Room mother, might be a little much but..... LOL not really, God has blessed you with caring, leadership & organization!!! Take care!