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Saturday, August 27, 2011

INA Market

It is so easy to get in a rut no matter where we live. We end up going to the same spots, shops, and cafes. Every so often I need someone to give me a kick start to get out and see more of Gurgaon and Delhi. This is written with thanks to a friend who recently pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have finally made it to INA Market in South Delhi. From bharat online, "The INA Market of Delhi has its full name as the Indian National Army Market....It is famous as a food bazaar of the capital city of India. From fresh seafood to meat to spices to vegetables and fruits, you can get anything and everything related to groceries here. Shopping In the INA Market is a unique experience, since it is one-of-its-kind." Unique experience?? Definitely unique but even that word doesn't seem to cover the idea of INA.
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If there were only a way to incorporate the noises, smells, crowds, and simple hustle and bustle of INA into a blog. See the youtube video at to get a better glimpse of INA than my pictures are able to share.

How fresh do you want your chicken?? Eggs on top of live chickens in cages in front of chickens being butchered. Note the man in back wearing blue striped shirt who almost has his bare feet in the chicken he is cutting up. Maybe a little toe adds flavor?
We were able to find some of the freshest and nicest looking fruits and veggies at INA. I found broccoli and quite a few other veggies that are hard to find closer to our house. Above my friend is giving the spinach a close inspection. She is fanatic about her fruits and veggies and wants them with "No marks. No marks, at all." Listening to her say this, I kept thinking, "You do realize we live in India, right?"
Cars parked upon cars. It took us fifteen minutes just to get out of our parking space once the shopping was completed. So glad we have a driver that was doing the vehicle maneuvering and not me.

All in all an enjoyable experience.
Bought tons of fresh fruit and veggies that lasted almost two weeks.
Found Dr. Pepper and was thrilled.
Hung out with someone who always makes me laugh.
Experienced more of the amazing-ness of India.


  1. We love INA! Glad you finally got there ... it is a trip, isn't it? You really can find ALL of what you need in one stop (not all of what you WANT, but what you NEED).

  2. What a shopping trip that had to be!

    Great pictures, especially the first one; it looks like a "slice-of-life" painting!

    Russell :o)

  3. Its Indian National Airways Market...not Army Market
    Please Check