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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Visit the campus

I was reminded recently by a stateside friend that I often refer to the beauty of the the girls'school campus. I was also reminded that I have never shared many photos of said school. Since little one is only in school three hours this year, I spend large chunks of my weekdays on the campus. Thankfully, the campus has wi-fi, a nice library with a/c, and a fun and funky little cafe/hang out spot. Here are just a few views of the campus. I will try to get more throughout the year.

(credit for above photo goes to Rebekah....almost every day she has to stop at the map and make sure we know where we are going)

The above mentioned cafe. They have the best chocolate brownies I have found in India so far :)

To finish it off, I just had to add a photo of the monkey we saw on Friday. He comes in to chase off the wild monkeys who have decided that the school playground is a cool place to hang out. After chasing them away he pees all over to mark the territory as his and hopefully they don't come back.

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  1. I love that you got a photo of the boss monkey! Everyone has been raving about the monkeys on the playground, but no one got photos!