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Monday, July 25, 2011

just a clip

Most days when we are out driving about, running errands, and living life in India I am preoccupied with what is going on inside the car. If the girls are with me, I am busy reading to them, singing songs, and refereeing arguments. When I am alone, I often have a book to read, a phone call to make, or a nap to take. Recently I had a day that was different. Rachel decided to stay and help at Bekah's preschool. My book was at home beside the bed instead of in my purse. All my messages had been sent and phone calls made. I just sat back and looked out the window. Yes, this is an advantage of having a driver. Instead of worrying about traffic and being on defense all the time, I am able to take in my surroundings. While watching morning life unfold around me I realized how often I use my book, phone, or children as a distraction. It is not always easy to sit and look out the window at life here. The dirt, the poverty, the crazy traffic, the beggars are all reasons why I focus toward the inside of our comfortable, cool Toyota Innova. But there is also a vibrant, active world going that I am not seeing. The colors of India are amazing, the sounds, the activity, the LIFE. The markets are opening. Men and women are on the way to work. Children are off to school. You see groups of men around small chai stands having their morning tea. (Click on this link for a better video of chai being made) and/or sitting under a tree having a shave and haircut. So much happening and unfolding that I am unable to describe to someone who has never been to India. Today when taking Bekah to school I remembered to bring my camera along. She was busy telling a story and talking to herself. Below are two clips of what we see while driving to the school.

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