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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Our little ballerina, Rachel (in the blue skirt), and her friends waiting for their first ballet class. Well, it wasn't really a surprise but Rachel loved her ballet class. There were about 20 girls between the ages of seven and ten in the class. She was so nervous before starting. Thankfully, Rachel's new bff, Livia, is in the same class.
It was so hot that they looked as if they had just stepped out of the shower when the class was finished. The girls don't seem to even notice though.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

From Rachel

Rachel has been very interested in all the forms of communicating with technology lately. She keeps asking when she will be able to get her own facebook acct or when she can have her own email address. So, today I am allowing her to dictate the blog post to me. (Now Rebekah wants to also so watch out for that soon. It will be interesting to see what she chooses to say.)

From Rachel..........
"Here in India the people seem to be very nice. It is dusty, and we see cows that don't look like the cows in America. They are not scared of cars and neither are the pigs. I have EVEN seen a camel once. We can hear peacocks squawking from the swimming pool. Once we saw some, a female and a male both. It is so hot that my hair even sweats.

Since we arrived in India, I have read four books. Each of them has over 60 pages. I am starting to really enjoy reading on my own. I share my books with my new friends, just like a library."

Me: What is your favorite thing we have done since arriving in India?
R: Going to FUN CITY at the Ambience Mall. (

Me: What do you miss the most about Rochester?
R: My friends.

Me: Tell me one thing you would like to do while living in India?
R: Everything. Like shopping every day. (How did I end up with a child who loves to shop?? It is my least favorite thing.) I want to ride an elephant and maybe a camel.

That's all from Rachel for today. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

on the dotted line

Standing in the entry way. The hall to bedrooms is on far right and kitchen is on far left. Neither of these can be seen in this photo. Here the dining area is opening to left and living area is opening to right. Rachel's room....full of bricks. The girls don't seem to mind at all though.

The master bedroom. Where to begin???
For some reason the management won't allow the workmen to work from 2-4 every day. Also, they are not allowed to work on Saturdays or Sundays. Once we are moved in, I am sure this will sound like a good rule. At this very moment, though, I wish they could work 24 hours a day and just get it done. I may just start camping out there every couple days to make sure the workers are motivated.

So, as you can see, we did it...found a flat and signed on the dotted line. That was actually about a week ago but the keys are in my hands now. will be our home for the next three years. We are hoping to actually move in by the end of July. Two roadblocks stand in our way. 1) The apartment isn't finished and 2) our shipment of household items is still somewhere on a boat making its way from the US. The girls and I visited the flat today and found,'s hard to describe what we found. You look at the photos yourself and tell me if you think we will be in by the end of July or not.

Happy Fourth of July

The staff at the hotel is fabulous. They love the girls and are constantly spoiling them with candies and flowers. So, I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised when we came home (back to the hotel home, that is) and found this delicious treat on our dining table.
Now is when I admit that I hadn't even realized it was the fourth of July. It just isn't quite the same without all the neighbors setting off bottle rockets and spinners in their driveways. There was no smell of brats, dogs, and burgers being cooked on the other side of the fence. So even though I forgot, and thanks to the hotel staff.............Happy Fourth of July!! (Belated)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We'll see

Every time we move some of the same thoughts start running through my head. A list of what I want to have happen once we are settled. The downside is that I rarely accomplish the majority of them. So....they just get pushed off to the "will get done at the next location" category.

  • Things will be organized as the boxes are unpacked.
  • I will have someone help me with the placement of our furniture and the "staging" of our new home.
  • I will not allow this place to become an unorganized mess.
  • The girls will sleep in their own rooms.
  • I will get into a regular exercise routine.
  • The television will be turned off more than turned on.
  • I will update the blog more often with insightful, witty, and profound posts.
  • I will force myself to get out of my comfort zone more often.

So now, we just wait and see how many of these items get checked off. We wait and see how organized and "House Beautiful" our home is, how often the girls sleep in a bed other than ours, and how many clever and observant items post. Maybe having this list here will keep me accountable to all of you. I guess....we'll see....