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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Preschool field trip to India Post

What's better than a preschool field trip? Well....tons of things actually....but, thankfully, it doesn't take much to get a group of three year olds excited. So this expedition to the India Post branch near the school was a big hit.
The bicycles that carry our mail from the branch out into the community. After seeing these and the way the post was piled haphazardly onto the bikes, I understand why most things mailed to us never make it.
The mail sorting area. Yep, laundry baskets full of it.
The class even got to meet the postmaster. He may have been the thinnest man I have ever met.
Rebekah with her stamp. The three year olds had made Diwali cards earlier in the week. They got to put the stamps on them and post them. Thankfully, ours arrived a few days later. Rebekah would have been very disappointed if it hadn't made it.
Showing off the cards with stamps all ready to go into the mailbox. (Rachel was off school that day and got to tag along. She enjoyed being the big kid in the bunch.)
Into the post box go the hand made Diwali cards.

Diwali Celebration

Our wonderful neighbor, Vanessa, had a group of us over for a delicious Diwali dinner. She spent all day cooking for six couples and seventeen kids under the age of ten. This was our first Diwali in India. Many of our friends and neighbors were traveling due to offices and schools being closed for the holiday. We are very thankful to Vanessa for including us in their celebrations.
The children's table.
Zara, Versailles, and Rachel heading out to set off firecrackers.
Rebekah and Torrin ready for some sparklers and crackers.
Rachel and Versailles
Let the celebrations begin!!

Below is Rebekah's first experience with a sparkler. I was nervous, of course, but she loved it. Rachel on the other hand wouldn't go anywhere near them. Dan had to hold her during most of the fireworks. I guess the fire safety section at school really had an impact on her.

It's beginning to look a lot like Diwali....

The holiday season has arrived in India. Diwali is a five day festival for Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs also known as the Festival of Lights. Many aspects of Diwali remind me of Christmas in the US and Chinese New Year in China. Families travel from distances to be together, eat a big meal, and exchange gifts. People decorate their homes with lights. Shops have huge Diwali sales with sweets, gifts, decorations, cards, and clothing.

Rebekah and her diya she made in preschool. They are commonly filled with oil and a wick but we opted for the tea light instead.
Rachel with the Rangoli she made in Indian studies beside a large one on campus at the American Embassy School.

Following the theme of the Festival of Lights many homes are decorated for the holiday.
Looking up at our building with all the Diwali decorations.