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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tiger Camp

We arrived at Tiger Camp safe and sound thanks to our wonderful driver Nemlal. I know you are probably tired of hearing me gush about him, but we are just so thankful to have found him. The girls love him, he is kind and gentle, and most importantly a safe, cautious driver. He is quickly starting to feel like one of the family. So, enough about Nemlal, back to the trip.....after a seven hour drive through small villages and cities, fields and farms, over bumps, and around ox, horse, and donkey carts we finally see the sign. Woo-hoo!! It's Tiger Camp!!
The wonderful, courteous staff led us to our own little cottage nestled among the trees. I was sold as soon as we turned the corner and were greeted by this relaxing front porch. Thankfully, the inside was just as nice and comfortable. The girls enjoyed sitting on the porch with their Barbies and a snack most afternoons.
After unpacking and being refreshed, our guide took us on a tour of the property. Again, I can't say enough nice things about him. He was with us throughout the stay at Tiger Camp and had amazing patience with the girls.
Following the path down to the Kosi River.
Such a beautiful sunset over the mountains and river. This is one of my favorite photos of Rachel from the trip. She was relaxed and watching some ponies being led to the river for an evening drink. We were able to capture her serenity at just watching the nature around us. This place is a bird watcher's paradise. Our guide is very knowledgeable on all the flying wildlife around Corbett. As beautiful and serene the river front is, we were specifically told not to go to the riverside after dark. We found out why when on our elephant safari later in the trip.
Along the path to the river, there was tons of elephant poop. Rebekah was jut obsessed with the size of it. She kept asking, "Is it real or pretend." Here she is comparing the size of one elephant patty to her foot. You should have seen how excited she was when we actually saw an elephant pooping. Oh....the little things that entertain the mind of three year old ;)

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