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Friday, October 1, 2010

one stop shopping

Shopping here in India does not happen with the ease to which most of us westerners are accustomed. I often have to go to three or four different shops to find all the essentials. Meat is better in one place, but the veggies are fresher across town, while good bread is in another location. If for some reason I need batteries, light bulbs, or something "out of the ordinary" then we are off on another adventure. It can take a large portion of your day just to do what I would do in an hour at the local Target. Finally, I have found a place where I can do most of my shopping in one stop. Arjun Marg in Gurgaon is my newest favorite spot. The need to go to three or more shops to get it all done is there but the shops are all together in one city block.
The Fresh Produce Shoppe. They get deliveries on Wednesday so that is the best time to go. They also carry a small selection of imported and local goods. Plus, they deliver....but as I have learned, who doesn't deliver in India.
You can go to one shop and buy your fabric or an outfit and then go to one of the many men and women sitting in the aisles with sewing machines for alterations.
Really, I'm convinced that if I search enough around this area there will never be another need to shop anywhere else.

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