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Monday, October 18, 2010

Corbett Trip

We finally made our first trip outside of the Delhi/Gurgaon area. Rachel had a week off school due to the Commonwealth Games being held in New Delhi so we headed north to Corbett Tiger Reserve. With our wonderful driver, Nemlal, at the wheel we loaded up our Toyota Innova with videos, snacks, and Barbies and headed out early the morning of October 13.
It was a seven hour drive through villages and small cities. The opportunity to see daily life outside of the capital city was amazing. Since we started out at an early hour, we saw the villages starting to wake up and come to life. Trucks were being loaded with goods for market, people were heading out to the fields, and shopkeepers were sweeping entry ways. Students loaded into their "school bus" for the drive to the nearest school.

About halfway through the seven hour drive we came upon this big, new McDonald's sitting along the highway in the middle of nowhere. It seemed strange but was a comforting site. It fit my westernized comfort zone so we made a pit stop for familiar food and a clean bathroom. I felt a little guilty making this stop. Here we are in India, starting on an adventure to the jungle and we stop at McDonald's?? I admit I enjoy my french fries as much at the girls do.
The area around Corbett is made up of many farms. Rice, beets, mango and litchi orchards, lentils, teak, and sugarcane make up the agrarian life in Uttarakhand.

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