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Friday, October 1, 2010

Cooking at home

Yesterday, I decided to cook our first Indian meal at home. On the menu was Muttar Paneer, Lacha Paratha, and a beef dish (water buffalo). I did the beef the same way I always did in the US just to keep the girls happy and make sure they would have something to eat. I would love to say that I totally went out of the box and made this delicious Indian meal on my own. Unfortunately, I can't say that. Tshring, our wonderful housekeeper/nanny/cook/mama's helper did most of the work. I did watch, hang out with her in the kitchen, and learn from her during the process.
We started with the spices and Ghee. The ghee is on the left. When looking at it in the container, it reminds of post lipo-suction photos of fat that has been taken out of a person. Tshring has worked in homes with children before so she left out the chilis (much to Dan's disappointment).
Rachel and Rebekah helped her roll out the dough and slather it with ghee for the lacha paratha.

A finished plate....yummmmy. Clockwise from top: Muttar Paneer, the plain water buffalo, and Lacha Paratha. Lacha means layers so the dough is rolled out, then you fold it like a fan, twist the dough into a ball again, and re-roll. When it's cooked it has nice flaky layers in it. Again, yummmy.
Up close with the muttar paneer. One of my favorite dishes so far. The girls didn't even want to try it. Rachel said it wasn't "as gross as it looks" and Rebekah made me wipe the sauce off her peas before eating. Oh well....we will keep trying.


  1. Looks DELISH! The muttar paneer is Bern's FAVE! Good job and keep on cookin'! Luckily Lauren is in a good food place. But I feel your pain and my sister is dying with Liam's inability to eat anything or even try it! All we can do is keep offering! : ) Love ya

  2. Thanks for this post!! Fun to imagine all the yummy smells in your kitchen that day!!
    I'm envious of all your fun and spicy food choices. (Although, I just told my husband that the food from Yamuna (the Indian restaurant now located in the basement of Marina city) is much better if you don't peek around the well placed curtain and watch the prep process--ghee smeared on with bare hands etc.)
    And... I'm jealous... four gas rings? How posh are you!! I am still trying to figure out how to juggle our dinners around our two burners!

  3. I want to come to dinner at your house! Matar Paneer is one of my faves....xoxo, Heidi