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Friday, September 17, 2010

Plants, Goats, & Bargains

Each day in India brings on another adventure. Today, my friend Uyen and I headed out to find some plants for our balconies and homes. We both came to India and moved into our new apartments around the same time. We also each have two girls of approximately the same age and lived in the hotel in adjacent rooms for 11 weeks. Needless to say she has become my newest bff. It is so much fun kitting up our new homes together and sharing our finds. I found some lamps, a place to get a good haircut, and the grocery store. She found the pest guy, the meat guy, and someone to polish our floors. It just wouldn't be as much fun doing all this without her. Alas, I digress.....back to today. We decided it was time to get some greenery in our homes. Our amazing driver/translator/security guard, Nemlal, took us to what I am starting to call "Nursery Row" on MG Road in Gurgaon. The lush plants and vibrant shades of green, yellow, and purples that welcomed us were incredible. Wandering among row upon row of tropical trees and bushes was extremely calming. Most business I have frequented so far in India have at least one minimal English speaker. No such luck at this place. Thankfully, Nemlal was with us and stepped right up. His English is so-so but today I will give him an A+.

The goats were running wild among the plants. I don't think they belong at the nursery but appear to feel right at home. I tried to jokingly ask if we could hire a goat to come prune the plants and bushes for us. Maybe it was lost in translation because it didn't even get a smirk.

Nemlal bargained with the plant guys and made sure they picked out the very best for us.

We also got to see where the pots are made at the back of the nursery as well as where the men live. Between the two of us we purchased 15 plants which were delivered by two bicycle wagons and three men.

Part of our final purchase and the men figuring out delivery.

All in all a good day :)


  1. Hey G: Another grand adventure shared! I LOVE that you are blogging so often now. xoxoxoxo
    Loved the Monopoly story too....Can't believe Dan takes over on that!

  2. How serendipitous of the inverse to send you someone in the same boat as you! It can make all the difference to a relocation just having that one kindred spirit.
    Enjoy the journey!