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Saturday, May 21, 2011

transformation of a ballerina

The spring ballet show has just been completed. Our little princess loves doing ballet but may love the transformation from everyday Rachel to ballerina even more.
Start off with a shower, slick back the hair, add the pinks, and put on the crown.
Head off to the show, add a little lipstick, and she becomes a prima ballerina. OK, maybe not prima but the best in our eyes.
Little one was very jealous that her big sister had a crown to wear. Rachel was having a sweet big sister day and made Rebekah her very own crown to wear so they could match.
I love looking at the lines she can create with her body.
On stage and ready to go.
So proud of our beautiful ballerina.

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  1. up for the day here, catching up on your blog, and wishing you all could be at Marquardts later today! Dawn & Jimmy s/b home with their new one...