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Monday, May 23, 2011

Five Minute Friday....When Seasons Change

I never seem to get this done on a Friday but still love the idea of writing for five minutes, no editing, and using a prompt from Gypsy Mama as the topic.
This weeks prompt: When Seasons Change.....

5,4,3,2,1 Go....

When Season Change there is an excitement in the air. Something new is coming. Weather is changing, sports are changing, schedules are changing. New plants are growing or dying in preparation for the new season. Our moods often change along with the season.

Fall is my favorite season with the smell of burning leaves, the beautiful colors, and bring on the college football. My favorite sport to watch live or on TV. It has actually made the top ten list of things I miss while living outside of the US. The cool air invigorates me.

Then there is spring....winter is long, cold, and sometimes seems as if it is a punishment. Then there is that one day when I would walk outside and smell it. People have laughed at me for saying this. I really feel as if you can smell spring in the air when "it's coming round the mountain." That smell of a new season with freshness, warmer weather, and birth.

This isn't time is up and I haven't even had the chance to wax poetic about summer and winter. I love them too. Maybe that is the best part about when seasons change. I love something specific and wonderful about each and every season.



  1. I have trouble posting on Friday too and did a 5 minute Monday :-) I love college football too and think it is the best part of Fall! Hope you have good week! Elizabeth

  2. I'm with you, fall is definitely my favourite. Loved the birthday pics in the post before.