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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beat the Heat

Summer has arrived in India.
We are all tired and run down from the heat.
The daily highs have been over 100 F for over three weeks and getting warmer.
Staying inside gets monotonous very quickly.
We all are getting cabin fever.
In many ways it reminds me of winters in Minnesota.
Every so often we come up with a way to beat the heat.
Last week, one of my friends mentioned that there is a sprinkler park in their complex.
The little ones were off school for a two day break.
It was the perfect time to try it out and find a new way to cool off.
These little fountains were just enough to keep us all cool and entertain the children.
They were extremely curious and interested in how it all works.
Rebekah and her buddies examined the water from all angles, ran, and ran, and ran, and then were ready to relax and have a snack.
A great way to beat the heat, and another day to be thankful for the life and wonderful friends we have here in India.

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