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Friday, April 22, 2011

waiting in India

Driving in India is something I never want to do. I am extremely glad that we have a careful and conscientious driver to get us from point A to point B....and all the in between spots. Nemlal also adores our children, plays hide and seek with Rebekah every day before school,
brings in the groceries, opens doors, runs errands, stays with work men while they are in our apartment, negotiates and bargains at markets for me,
and waits. Waiting is probably one of the biggest parts of his day. He waits while I am at Rachel's school, while I am doing the grocery shopping, and while I am in meetings or at Hindi class. He waits for my husband when he is working late, he waits for Rachel while she is at ballet, and he waits, holding the door, while I talk to a friend I just happened to run into. With all this waiting, I would think he would get irritated and annoyed with our family. But, just the opposite, he is always calm, soft spoken, and one of the most patient men I know. We are very thankful to have found our laid back, waiting Nemlal.
PS...thanks to Cindy and Rusty for passing him on to us :)

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