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Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Minute Friday...On Distance

When perusing what Tai Tai Johnson had to say today on her amazing blog, I found this challenge from Gypsy Mama ( to link up with other bloggers and write for five minutes. That's it, just write for five minutes flat. Stream of consciousness, no editing style. She will give the prompt each week. This week's prompt....On Distance.

Clock says 12:59 goes.....

Since graduating high school, I've always lived away from my family. College, jobs, marriage, husband's job, and so on have taken me to ten different locations in the past 20 years. This time the distance seems so much farther than it ever did before. I miss my family while at the same time love where we live right now. Yes, I said it, I really like living in India. I wish someone would finally perfect the time travel thingy so I could go back and forth from the US to India quicker, easier, faster, and without jet lag.

I am so looking forward to being in the US this summer and not having any distance between my family and myself. I can't wait to catch up with my sister, mom, and in-laws. I am so thankful we have the amazing family that we do. No matter how many times we move, no matter how far away we go, no matter how long between conversations....we love each other with all we have and the distance melts as soon as we are together again.'s now 1:05 so I guess this is six minute Friday.
Will try to stick to the rules better next week. But, if you know me, then you know I have always had a little bit of the rule breaker in me.


  1. How wonderful to have the perspective that living away from the US must give you. I have often wished for the courage to shake things up and make a move like that. India sounds very far away and very exotic to me. Thanks for sharing on Five Minute Friday today. Hope to see you next week! Smiles -

  2. haha! Five minutes isn't easy. I had to keep stopping myself from editing. I didn't realize how much I just automatically hit the backspace key to reword something as I type. Hard to not edit as I go.

    Enjoyed stopping by from the linkup and reading your thoughts. Makes me wonder about India!