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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dresses

For those of you who know my oldest, this will not be a surprise. Her favorite part of Easter is the dresses. This year I bought them simple cotton every day dresses. Beautiful but nothing fancy. By Friday, Rachel was upset but had accepted that there would be no new, fancy, glittery dress for Sunday.
Bring on Saturday, we stop at a local mall to get new sneakers for Rachel. (side note: I have never seen a child's feet grow so fast. It's only been two months and time for new shoes.) We walked in the store looking for shoes and ta-da.....there they were. Rachel looked up at her father with pleading eyes and said, "Daddy, please can we try them on." He tried to look stern, but I could see the sparkle in his eyes when he said, "Yes, you may try them on, but I'm not promising we will buy one."
On the way to church, two happy little girls all dressed up in their finest for Easter. Thanks, Daddy :)
Rachel looking so grown up. Where did the time go?
Rebekah in what she calls her butterfly princess dress.
At Easter brunch, Rebekah's school, Intellitots, ran the kids corner with games, songs, a kid type buffet, and an Easter egg hunt.

Best friends...Rachel, Thien-Mai, and Jessica. Not sure how Bekah got her mug in this one.


  1. They look beautiful! I'm sure it was worth the buying :-)

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