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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Eggs

Not much needs to be said to accompany these photos. Dyeing Easter much fun. No matter where we have lived, we pack a couple of the wonderful Paas egg decorating kits. It is one of those family tradition moments that travels with us.

Love the way the concentrate so much on not breaking the eggs and getting just the right color. This year Rachel experimented with mixing colors and ended up with a couple brownish eggs. It was a good lesson for her on complimentary colors and what can be mixed with what.

They let Mama do one egg this year. I have a feeling next year they won't even want me in the room.


  1. I have a whole collection of WD mugs from back in the day....I think that particular one was from the "Mark Barret" line. I also have Fenton, Arthur, and LaRue. Are still all around?? Do you ever stop in for nostalgia's sake?