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Thursday, July 15, 2010

on the dotted line

Standing in the entry way. The hall to bedrooms is on far right and kitchen is on far left. Neither of these can be seen in this photo. Here the dining area is opening to left and living area is opening to right. Rachel's room....full of bricks. The girls don't seem to mind at all though.

The master bedroom. Where to begin???
For some reason the management won't allow the workmen to work from 2-4 every day. Also, they are not allowed to work on Saturdays or Sundays. Once we are moved in, I am sure this will sound like a good rule. At this very moment, though, I wish they could work 24 hours a day and just get it done. I may just start camping out there every couple days to make sure the workers are motivated.

So, as you can see, we did it...found a flat and signed on the dotted line. That was actually about a week ago but the keys are in my hands now. will be our home for the next three years. We are hoping to actually move in by the end of July. Two roadblocks stand in our way. 1) The apartment isn't finished and 2) our shipment of household items is still somewhere on a boat making its way from the US. The girls and I visited the flat today and found,'s hard to describe what we found. You look at the photos yourself and tell me if you think we will be in by the end of July or not.


  1. OH G! Wait until I show Bengt these pics! I guarnatee that he will say "No, I do not think they will be moved in by the end of July!" It's called India time vs. American time! But I wish you all the luck and I'll hope for the best! : )
    Love you all xo

  2. Nice, very Nice! Haha. What floor is your flat on? The website for the condos makes it look huge.

  3. Um ... keep your fingers crossed and take them a thermos full of chai everyday at 3:00? (kidding)

    Hoping you get to start "life as normal" sooner than later!!

    (Reached your hubby yesterday by SMS ... thinking it was you. Would you guys like to get together sometime next week? I can't find your email address)

  4. N....would love to get together next week. I will SMS my number over the weekend.

  5. Bob....we are on the third floor. Don't get the nice breezes they do up higher, but it's great if the power goes out and we need to walk.