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Saturday, July 3, 2010

We'll see

Every time we move some of the same thoughts start running through my head. A list of what I want to have happen once we are settled. The downside is that I rarely accomplish the majority of them. So....they just get pushed off to the "will get done at the next location" category.

  • Things will be organized as the boxes are unpacked.
  • I will have someone help me with the placement of our furniture and the "staging" of our new home.
  • I will not allow this place to become an unorganized mess.
  • The girls will sleep in their own rooms.
  • I will get into a regular exercise routine.
  • The television will be turned off more than turned on.
  • I will update the blog more often with insightful, witty, and profound posts.
  • I will force myself to get out of my comfort zone more often.

So now, we just wait and see how many of these items get checked off. We wait and see how organized and "House Beautiful" our home is, how often the girls sleep in a bed other than ours, and how many clever and observant items post. Maybe having this list here will keep me accountable to all of you. I guess....we'll see....


  1. Just click away at some of them ... and don't be too picky on what you post (just WRITE and share photos!!) ...

    As far as the girls sleeping in their own rooms .. pfft ... we're STILL working on that one ...

  2. You forgot:
    Go easy on myself. This moving stuff is hard work!

    Love you!

  3. I bet you'd find more people willing and able to help with the 2nd one if you didn't move so far away... (smile)

    And as far as the blog goes, we'll take any posts, witty or not!