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Monday, March 28, 2011

Thursday afternoon Dan called and said that he had to go away for the weekend for some "strategic planning" meetings. He also said that his boss would like the families to go along. Did I forget to mention that we needed to leave in a couple hours? So quick, frantic packing done. Girls fed, van loaded and off we headed to Manesar. It is a small industrial town about 45 minutes south of Gurgaon. As we drove past factories, manufacturing facilities, shops, tent villages, and construction site after construction site, I started to panic. Where are these meetings being held? Did the big boss really expect us to take the family for a fun weekend in this dusty, noisy village? Then we turned off the highway onto a small lane that led to the above. Heritage Village is an amazing retreat hidden away in the most unlikely of places.
The grounds at this "Rajasthani haveli style palatial resort" are located on 12 acres of quiet. The abundant flowers, trees, hammocks and hidden seating areas create a relaxing, calming place to kick back.
The girls thoroughly enjoyed strolling the grounds and gardens. We picked flowers, hung out in one of the multiple hammocks on the properties, and played games in the park.

Rebekah found an old bird's nest which she proceeded to fill with flowers to decorate our room.
The hotel has its own garden in a back corner where they grow many of the vegetables and greens used in the kitchen.
Everywhere we turned there was something interesting to check out.

Add to that the beautiful architecture and Rajasthani decorations and it was a wonderful paradise not far from home.

They even had a playground, cricket court (not sure what it is actually called...pitch, field??), volleyball courts, camel rides, and horse rides.
And, of course, the favorite for our family and where we spent most of our time....The beautiful swimming pool.

If it weren't for the fact that Dan was stuck in meetings most of the weekend, it would have been perfect. All in all the girls and I had a fabulous time and returned to the real world relaxed, a little tanned, and ready to plan our next get away.

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