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Monday, March 7, 2011

Stepping Outside

I really love our apartment. Well, maybe not love but am very happy with our apartment.
One of the aspects that I love and reasons why we chose it is the large balcony facing the park. Yes, it is loud and dusty when we sit outside, but...this is India. What else is there to expect really. This fall when the weather cooled some I kept saying, "We need to get some furniture out here." Husband and I were weighing options of table and chairs vs comfortable seating. Then December and January came and it was c-c-cold. Too cold to sit outside. Too cold to think about outdoor furniture. Thankfully, winter in India only lasts about six weeks. As soon as it warmed up, we started spending time outdoors again. See the girls below having a picnic. We started spending day after day sitting on a blanket on the balcony.
This is when I realized that it was time to get off my backside and find some furniture. No one was going to do it for me. There wasn't going to be a convenient time when Dan and I could shop together. Also, there really is never a time that I am able to go without at least one little one in tow. So, one afternoon Rebekah and I headed out on an adventure to Sikanderpur and the wicker/cane markets.
In Sikanderpur we drove past the nurseries first, then the ceramic pots, and finally found shop after shop of wicker places. How to choose, where to stop, who will give me the best deal and not rip me off because of my fair coloring and blue eyes?? It took looking in a few places to find Shagoon Cane Handicraft. Sunshil and Sunil Shagoon are either brothers or father and's hard to tell. It's a little daunting when you walk in. The dust, the massive amount of options, the workmen who just stop and stare made me want to turn around and return to my blanket on the balcony.
My little one, always the leader, charged right in, shook hands with Mr. Shagoon, and started trying out sofas. He was totally taken with her and gave us a tour of his "property."
There are so many choices. Finally I found what we wanted. Rebekah jumped on it, stretched out, and gave it the thumbs up accompanied by the head bobble.
We weren't done yet though. We had to go to another part of the market where fabric and upholstery is sold. (Also, pets and pet supplies, lighting, kitchen and bath furnishing, appliances, and probably anything else you may want. Think of all the Home Depot departments in multiple little shops lining a dusty alley.)
Fabric chosen and back to Mr. Shagoon. His men (or "boys" as he calls the 80 year old looking guys who stitch for him) made perfect fitting slipcovers with zippers for cleaning.
The girls are thrilled to have furniture on the balcony. We now snack outside, read books, color, and relax. I'm so glad we did it now before the weather gets too hot to be out anymore.
It looks so much better and is 100% more comfortable than our old blue quilt.
The first time Dan was home and able to try it out also seemed to be a hit. He would be giving the thumbs up if he were awake. I am going to assume this is a vote of confidence from him.


  1. Wow - it looks fantastic! I'm about to embark on the same exercise here in Qatar. Wish me luck ;-)

  2. Very interesting. Always love to see what you find in India.

  3. looks fantastic! I love it! Hilarious that Dan fell asleep : )

  4. T....your husband was rather taken with the furniture and our large balcony. I think he may be ready for the move over ;D

  5. Looks great! I love your attitude "this is India!" It's so easy to get bothered by the dirt, smell, noise etc. I'm glad you are able to relax a bit about it and just accept it for what it is. I think that's what makes you so suited for being a world traveler!