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Monday, March 14, 2011

Stepping Outside: Part II, Adding a little color

My Hindi homework for today was to write about something I did over the weekend. The simple, four year old Hindi that I speak translated to this.

"Everyday my girls and I pass in front of flower shops. My older daughter always says, 'I want to have some flowers. Please, can we buy some flowers.' Because of this, yesterday my daughters and I went to the flower shop. We bought eight Dahlias and two flowering bushes. My daughters also bought special flowers. They are carefully looking after and watering these special flowers. Now Rachel and Rebekah are very happy."
Picking out the "special flowers."
Posing beside her "special flower."
Would they all fit into our van?
Yes, they all fit, and we were good to go.
Very glad the girls kept asking to stop and buy flowers. The color is a wonderful addition to our balcony.


  1. Looks Lovely!!! Isn't it crazy what a little color and some flowers can do to lift your spirits?

  2. Hey....looks like a beautiful garden coming up.

  3. oh i LOVE those big ole' flowers!