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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Drive to school

Rebekah loves to play with the camera and take self-portraits as we drive around and are often stuck in traffic. Of course, her favorites are the funny faces.

Rebekah's preschool is about a ten minute drive from our apartment on a good day. It has taken us up to an hour on a bad traffic day. This is what we see out of the window on the trip. Some days, she and I are so busy talking and playing that I don't notice what flashes by the van. I think our driver thought I was crazy today since I decided to document our trip. Wonder how many times the thought, "Crazy American lady" runs through his head in a day??

The DELL call center is just outside our main gate. As are the Fed-Ex and Mercedes call centers. From Wikipedia : Over the past 25 years the city has undergone rapid development and construction.[4] A wave of multinational companies choose to locate their operations in Gurgaon after GE did so in 1997. Big companies like Airtel, American Express, EXL, IBM, Microsoft, DLF, Maruti Suzuki, Hero Honda, Infosys, Ericsson, Oracle, Bank of America, American Airlines, etc have made Gurgaon the call centre capital of India and an important financial center.[5]

This woman and her children are setting up their cart that sells spices.

One of the many tent villages that we pass. In the morning there are usually men taking bucket baths in this area.

Little corner place for eggs, milk, bread, and vegetables.

The Needs Supermarket is one of the few places that opens before 10:30. Therefore, we often stop by for a few essentials on the way to school. The girls think it is so cool that this is a two floor grocery.

Children playing and lounging in front of the tent village. Not so sure the older girls liked the fact that I was taking this photo. These children always look so happy.

Great spot to pick up fresh fruit in the morning.

Construction everywhere in Gurgaon. These sites are where most of the people in the tent villages are working. They will move on to another site once this work is completed.

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