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Monday, April 26, 2010

are we crazy?

About four years ago Dan mentioned a position with his company based in New Delhi, India. We joked around about it some. In my head I was thinking, "No way I am moving to India." Thankfully, they chose another person to fill the position. When the offer to go to China came up my first thought was, "At least it's not India." Fast forward to January 2010......Dan comes home and informs me the position in India is opening up again. India? Really? This time it wasn't such a shock as before. I have our wonderful experience and life in China to thank for that. If China was so great maybe India could be similar. As always, my brain kicks into overdrive....Internet, library, bookstores, and travel channel here I come. After much research and email exchange with people already living in New Delhi, we decided to make the look-see trip the second week of March.

We flew from Minneapolis via Newark into Indira Gandhi International Airport. The following morning we hit the ground running to see what we could see of Delhi. These are just a few of the photos I took while in New Delhi. Rachel asked me to take photos of everything so she could help us make a decision about the move. Already the world traveler at six, the look-see trip is old hand for her.

In just under a week, we visited three schools, saw 20 apartments/flats, did some shopping and sightseeing, and just experienced Delhi. Dan worked two days. One of those days I tagged along with a friend to a gathering of a woman's organization. This was such a fabulous opportunity. There were women from all over the US who have lived in India from a couple months to almost ten years. Some are working, and some are stay at home moms of children from teeny tiny to High School age. I tried to glean as much information from them as possible. My head was spinning with information and opinions after this meeting.

Delhi appears to have much to offer the expat family who is willing to get out experience it. From Old Delhi to New Delhi there are architectural masterpieces, historical sites and museums, amazing food, and also modern amenities. Most of the expats I met thoroughly enjoy life in India. This is not to say that it is perfect. It is in no way the easy life we have in the US and can be extremely challenging at times. Traffic is horrible. Good household help is not always easy to find. The cultural differences are at times enormous and difficult to understand and maneuver. "Delhi Belly" is a common occurrence no matter how careful you are. (I actually ended our visit with a case of it....not fun) Life in any foreign country has to be looked at as an adventure and the good and bad all rolled up into one package.

Dan and I returned home with much to process and some major decisions to make in the following week. One day, I feel very excited about the prospect of life in India. The next day, I am wondering if I am off my rocker to be thinking about moving half way around the world again with two young children.


  1. Thinking of you! If you want to chat with Bengt at all he would be happy to offer any info : ) Love you! I hope you come to a peaceful decision for all xo

  2. Yeah! So excited to follow this story!