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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rachel and school

Rachel and some of her friends on the school playground. Five of the sixteen girls in her class.

Yesterday, I had Rachel's parent-teacher conference for the end of third quarter. What a joy it is to hear someone gush over our little girl. My apologies if that comes across as sounding overly proud. It's just that in my eyes, totally biased of course, she is perfect. Well....not perfect but at least the smartest, prettiest, funniest, and friendliest six year old ever. It is nice to hear that she is right on target for first graders. Average for math skills and above average in reading and phonics. She has lots of friends, both boys and girls and tends to play with whoever is having the most fun. Her strengths seem to be when she is in front of people. Singing, acting, and reading out loud all tend to be her cup of tea. So different from me in this way. I am comfortable with people and able to talk to almost anyone. (most of you are saying....and talk, and talk, and talk.) I do not like to be by myself in front of a group though. Rachel loves it and can't wait for the next opportunity.

An anecdote from this quarter. The first graders had a field trip to St Mary's hospital. There was a role playing experience about taking someone to the emergency room. They were given the scenario but the words and actions were impromptu, on the spot. Rachel was chosen to play the part of "Mom" taking a little one to ER. Chairs were set up to be the car. "Dad" got in the driver's seat while Rachel buckled in little one. She then went to the driver's side and said, "Move over Dad, I'm driving." At this point the teachers and chaperones in the back of the room started giggling which just pumped her up more. I guess from this point on, she took over the play and had them all in tears with her comments. For example, the "Nurse" asks if they have other children and Rachel says, "No, but we are seriously considering it." She loved it and can't wait to get on a stage again. Could it be possible that she has found her calling at an early age. No, but it is fun to see her enjoying life so much.

Rebekah and I have been volunteering at lunch and recess two days a week this month. It is nice to get a "fly on the wall" type of view of the class and its dynamics. At first, Rachel thought it was cool to have her little sister visit. She is now so "over it." Thankfully, the other girls in first grade love having Rebekah around and always ask her to come sit with them or play on the playground with them. I am also thankful that she still loves to have me come to school. Hmmmm....wonder what age this will become uncool??? Sooner than I will be ready for so I'm loving every opportunity I have now.

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