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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home Visit - Texas Leg

It was hard to believe that another year had passed and we were on the way for a "home visit." I tried to find a definition of home visit as we use it in the expat world. None found....for us a home visit is simply a trip to the United States. We don't actually own a home right now so our home visit is different each year. Thankfully, we have very welcoming family who never complains when we show up on their doorstep with six or seven bags, jet lagged and weary. This year we started our visit in Dallas. The girls were more than thrilled to find an American Girl store just minutes away from their Aunt and Uncle. Daughter #1 had been saving rupees (exchanged for dollars) for a year and took her time perusing the pink coated shelves and racks of the store until she found just the perfect purchase. I thought this would be the highlight of the trip for both girls.

It made me so happy to have both girls say that the highlights of their trip were cooking with Aunt Katie, playing marathon Monopoly games with (and winning over) Uncle David and Daddy, and getting to know their cousin Evangeline.
 The week went quickly....
trips to the zoo,
blueberry picking,
music concerts at the botanical gardens,
game playing,
just hanging out with family.


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