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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Speed Boats + Sea Kayaks = fun, fun, fun

Favorite, favorite part of our Christmas trip to Thailand was the last full day. We took a speed boat trip on the Andaman Sea. The guys at Andaman Leisure were fabulous. They loaded up the boat with drinks and snacks, and we headed out to "see what we could see."
We stopped at two different spots where we crawled into inflatable sea kayaks to explore some of the small islands. The guides took us through a bat cave. (Sidenote: I really, really dislike bats and the idea of them hanging over my head was extremely uncomfortable. Thankfully, they didn't fly around at all. The girls thought they were very cool which helped my fear some.) After traveling through the bat cave we came out into a lagoon in the center of the island. Incredible!! There were monkeys climbing the rocks, walking fish, and amazing foliage to be seen.
We stopped at James Bond Island and had a short hike around.
Rebekah loved being buckled up in her life jacket and going "faster, faster" on the big boat.

One of the caves Dan and Rachel ventured through was so small that air had to be released from the kayaks. They had to lay down flat to get through the opening.

The last stop of the day was a beautiful island with calm, shallow beaches. The guide said that this island is inhabited by about five people. They make money by allowing the tour companies to stop for a swim and sell drinks, ice cream, and corn on the cob cooked right on the beach.

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