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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's all "normal" now.....

Lately, I often find myself thinking about what was shocking and/or surprising when we moved to India. I should have sat down and made notes at the time. Sadly, I didn't. Maybe it was the jet lag, moving stress, two young, adjusting children, or who knows. Many of these things have become such every day occurrences and sightings that I don't even flinch when I happen upon them anymore. So recently, I did sit down and try to come up with just a few.

-Going through metal detectors and pat downs when entering shopping malls, hotels, movie theaters. Men with large looking rifles hanging casually from their shoulders at said entrances.
-Cows, pigs, goats, elephants, and monkeys on the street.
-The amazing colors of India in the clothing, homes, signs, flowers, and even delivery trucks.
*Tent villages
*Beggars of all ages, abilities, and disabilities
-The dirt and dust everywhere
-Standing in a group of people who are speaking a foreign language and having no idea what is being said. All the while, smiling and trying to appear interested
-The ten extra steps it takes to go to the bank, grocery shop, see a doctor, etc.
-The wonderful fact that almost every shop delivers as well as the many craftspeople who will come to your home to show their wares.

* I still flinch with these two but am not as sensitive to them. It is a little sad to admit that fact. I find the girls tend to look away when beggars come to the van windows. Rachel picks up her book and starts to read. Rebekah shakes her head back and forth and says, "No, sorry, not today."


  1. Oh yes ... I so relate to this post! (in regards to your asterisks ... just the other day, Mia had her window down and as we pulled up to the stoplight, she subconsciously rolled it up and then turned to me to say "if the window is up, I can't hear them ask me for money or food as loudly"

  2. Gld that you are adjusting to the situation!