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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rebekah's Point of View

Rebekah is in that stage where she really doesn't need a nap anymore. If she does nap then we are both up until 11:00 or even midnight. This said, you can probably guess that I will do just about anything to keep her awake in the afternoons. This is a very difficult feat as we drive to Delhi four days a week to pick Rachel up from school. (I say "we drive" but have to admit that I don't drive in India. Nemlal drives and Rebekah and I ride along.) The drive can take anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes each way. Today the method to keeping her eyes open was my camera. These photos are Rebekah's point of view of our drive home from school.
Starting with a picture of Rachel being her normal nutty self.
Rebekah's self portrait
The setting sun from the freeway.
The always present sippy cup.
The toll booth man.
Rebekah's favorite sparkly shoes. She insists they go with every outfit.
Almost home....
Yes, we can see home out the right window but it still takes ten to fifteen minutes to get there as this is India and there is always traffic.


  1. those shoes DO go with every outfit.

  2. Just keep the little lady away from the Red Bull! ;o)

    Russ :o)

  3. love this post ... AND those shoes!