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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We found the boxes containing Christmas decorations and ornaments. I allowed the girls to unpack them while I made dinner. This happened in ten minutes. How can four little hands leave such a path of destruction behind?
Rebekah's box of ornaments or the ones that Rachel didn't want. Poor little one. She even gets hand-me-downs (or handy-downs as she calls them) when it comes to Christmas decorations.

When it came to putting them on the tree, she didn't seem to mind though.
Rachel was thrilled to go through the box and pick out all her favorite and special ornaments.
She is becoming very particular about where everything goes. Maybe next year I won't even have to go back and move them around after the girls go to bed.
Finished tree with ornaments and our two beautiful princesses.
Side note: Too bad the converter we bought doesn't work with the lights. The tree just doesn't seem the same without the lights on. Maybe next year....

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