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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nepal in Photos Part II - People of Nepal

I found the people of Nepal to be simply charming.
They have warm, welcoming personalities. 
They are easy to smile and laugh and exude a love for life. 
Even those we saw that were working hard, back breaking jobs give off a feeling of peace with each step.
Yes, this woman did ask for money after taking her photo. She was so sweet that it didn't even bother me.

Laughing and spinning.....
Makes me thankful for the invention of an automatic washer

Friendly afternoon card game
The children are the most precious of all. They were eager to have their photos taken so they could see the image. Again, I wished for the old fashion Polaroid that would spit out the photo immediately.
This little boy kept yelling, "Hallo" out the window and then ducking back in. It took me multiple times to actually catch him.
It is not an easy life so the quick afternoon nap is appreciated.

The mother and daughter above were my favorite of all. We met them on our trek in the countryside. They were so joyful and happy.

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