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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Checking in

I don't want to get behind on posting but haven't had much time. This entry is from an email I just sent to the grandparents to keep them updated on what the girls are up to.......

We have made it almost two weeks now in the highs of 105-110. It is hot but what everyone told us seems to be correct. You do start to get used to it. I realize I just said that from the air conditioned comfort of a beautiful hotel. We tend to stay inside between noon and four and then go swimming around four. Because of the weather, we haven't done too much exploring yet. Many of the places that were suggested to us are outside and just not for this time of year. The weather forecast says that the rains have started in the south. I'm not sure how long they will take to get here but people are eagerly anticipating them. It will be interesting to see just how rainy the "rainy season" is. I guess it is all part of the adventure.

The hotel is located right beside one of the larger malls. The girls and I tend to head over there in the afternoon for a stroll around. We get ice cream and spend time playing in the toy store and perusing the book store. I wonder how long before the employees figure us out and tell us we have to make a purchase in order to stay. There is a grocery in the basement of the mall. It is very convenient for snacks and drinks to stock our refrigerator. We are slowly finding things the girls like to eat, so I can do a little more cooking for us. Room service has really spoiled all of us though. It is just the most convenient thing in the evenings when the girls are tired.

We have found an apartment that we like and are in the process of negotiating a lease for July 1. Still not sure when our household goods will get here but we either start the lease July 1 or August 1. We are going with hopeful thinking that everything will be here by mid-July. Rachel starts school around August 12 so we would like to be in as soon as possible. It would give her time to get settled and feel totally at home before school starts. The apartment is in a gated complex with security in each building. We would be on the third floor overlooking the playground.

I met a British woman with daughters the same age as Rachel and Rebekah. We went to her home this week for a play date, swim, and lunch. It was nice for all of us to have someone different to talk to and play with. As much for me as it was for the girls. Rebekah's eyes lit up when we say the playroom. I think she is getting bored with the few toys we were able to fit into our suitcases. Rachel and Livia are very much alike and had a wonderful time playing with their dolls.

Hope you all had a great from all of us


  1. How awesome that God brought you and this other family together! I bet the girls had a blast! The rains will feel good when they come, but they get tiring after a while. Hope you move into your "flat" soon! :o)

  2. Jacquie MarquardtJune 28, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    So glad you "found" another family. That is wonderful.